Midtown Madness 2 File Archive


City Editor 1.0a

City Editor screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: mm2_cityedit.zip (835.8 KiB)

2 dimensional pathset editor with maps for San Fransisco, London, city.psdl and possibility for adding custom ones. Built-in height maps for elevation lookups.

deAR2 1.0

deAR2 screenshot

By: Addict, Rocket
Download: deAR2.zip (33.1 KiB)

Extractor for default MM2 AR files.

Elevation Finder

Elevation Finder screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: mm2_elevation.zip (475.6 KiB)

Finds elevation of the PSDL surface in SF and London for a given X/Y coordinate.

San Francisco City Editor Beta 2

San Francisco City Editor screenshot

By: Wolf
Download: mm2editor_beta2.zip (422.4 KiB)

Pathset editor with 2 dimensional map of San Francisco. All the classic city mods with massive amounts of prop objects were made with this tool.

Zentra GPS Mapper Beta

Zentra GPS Mapper screenshot

By: Zentra
Download: setupGPS2MM.exe (703.1 KiB)

Generate MM2 cities with PSDL, props and AI paths from GPS data. First program able to make BAI files.