Midtown Madness 2 File Archive


Cracked several file formats used in MM2 cities on his own, but refused to share his knowledge. Disappeared shortly after releasing a beta version of his GPS-to-MM2 tool and an example city, Sydney. His website is now gone as well, but accessible on Archive.org.

Cities - Sydney City

Sydney City screenshot

By: Zentra
Download: SydneyCity.ar (248.6 KiB)

Zentra's sample map for his GPS to MM2 tool. Many serious glitches, but first city to include a custom BAI file. A piece of MM2 history.

Tools - Zentra GPS Mapper Beta

Zentra GPS Mapper screenshot

By: Zentra
Download: setupGPS2MM.exe (703.1 KiB)

Generate MM2 cities with PSDL, props and AI paths from GPS data. First program able to make BAI files.