Midtown Madness 2 File Archive


Did research on PSDL and pathsets on his own, had several ambitious projects, including a huge revision of MM2 and even making his own city racer. He eventually got bored of Midtown Madness and moved on.

Modifications - Bus Route

Bus Route screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: busroute.zip (116.4 KiB)

Replaces the first SF blitz race with "Bus Route", a preset route intended for legal cruising.

Tools - City Editor 1.0a

City Editor screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: mm2_cityedit.zip (835.8 KiB)

2 dimensional pathset editor with maps for San Fransisco, London, city.psdl and possibility for adding custom ones. Built-in height maps for elevation lookups.

Modifications - Cops Update

Cops Update screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: copsupd.zip (4.8 KiB)

20 additional San Francisco cops with invincible and fast tuning.

Vehicles - Dacia 1300 Beta

Dacia 1300 screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: dacia1300_beta.zip (821.7 KiB)

Beta version of Dacris' Dacia.

Vehicles - Dacia 1300 Final

Dacia 1300 screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: dacia1300.zip (972.8 KiB)

Realistic tuning, custom sounds. Rather low detail mesh, no damage textures.

Tools - Elevation Finder

Elevation Finder screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: mm2_elevation.zip (475.6 KiB)

Finds elevation of the PSDL surface in SF and London for a given X/Y coordinate.

Modifications - Simpsons Audio Update

Simpsons Audio Update screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: audio_update.zip (1.2 MiB)

Changes pedestrian screams into samples from "The Simpsons".