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Vehicles - 1959 Cadillac Eldorado 4

1959 Cadillac Eldorado screenshot

By: Angel Studios, HPB_Forever
Download: car_caddie59.zip (2.2 MiB)

Model, dash, sounds extracted from non-multiplayer beta, cut from retail due to lacking license. Tuning by HPB_Forever.

Modifications - Bus Route

Bus Route screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: busroute.zip (116.4 KiB)

Replaces the first SF blitz race with "Bus Route", a preset route intended for legal cruising.

Tools - City Editor 1.0a

City Editor screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: mm2_cityedit.zip (835.8 KiB)

2 dimensional pathset editor with maps for San Fransisco, London, city.psdl and possibility for adding custom ones. Built-in height maps for elevation lookups.

Modifications - Cops Update

Cops Update screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: copsupd.zip (4.8 KiB)

20 additional San Francisco cops with invincible and fast tuning.

Vehicles - Dacia 1300 Beta

Dacia 1300 screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: dacia1300_beta.zip (821.7 KiB)

Beta version of Dacris' Dacia.

Vehicles - Dacia 1300 Final

Dacia 1300 screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: dacia1300.zip (972.8 KiB)

Realistic tuning, custom sounds. Rather low detail mesh, no damage textures.

Tools - deAR2 1.0

deAR2 screenshot

By: Addict, Rocket
Download: deAR2.zip (33.1 KiB)

Extractor for default MM2 AR files.

Tools - Elevation Finder

Elevation Finder screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: mm2_elevation.zip (475.6 KiB)

Finds elevation of the PSDL surface in SF and London for a given X/Y coordinate.

Cities - Manust City Beta

Manust City screenshot

By: Manust
Download: betamct.zip (988.5 KiB)

Another pathset city. City.psdl with an airport.

Vehicles - Moonrover 2

Moonrover screenshot

By: Angel Studios, HPB_Forever
Download: car_moonrover.zip (231.4 KiB)

Modeled by Angel Studios, extracted from non-multiplayer beta version of MM2, re-tuned by HPB_Forever. Panoz GTR sounds, no damage textures.

Modifications - Police patch San Francisco Beta

Police patch San Francisco screenshot

By: Ilpo Kirvesmäki
Download: police.zip (2.1 KiB)

20 new locations for cops in pro and amateur cruise. Default player vehicles are used as police cars.

Tools - San Francisco City Editor Beta 2

San Francisco City Editor screenshot

By: Wolf
Download: mm2editor_beta2.zip (422.4 KiB)

Pathset editor with 2 dimensional map of San Francisco. All the classic city mods with massive amounts of prop objects were made with this tool.

Modifications - San Francisco RaceMod

San Francisco RaceMod screenshot

By: Ilpo Kirvesmäki
Download: racemod.zip (495.2 KiB)

This mod adds 10 new blitz, 12 checkpoint and 10 circuit races (without barricades) to San Francisco. Profiles for both amateur and pro mode. Traffic speed in cruise is increased to 100 mph.

Modifications - Simpsons Audio Update

Simpsons Audio Update screenshot

By: Dacris
Download: audio_update.zip (1.2 MiB)

Changes pedestrian screams into samples from "The Simpsons".

Cities - Sydney City

Sydney City screenshot

By: Zentra
Download: SydneyCity.ar (248.6 KiB)

Zentra's sample map for his GPS to MM2 tool. Many serious glitches, but first city to include a custom BAI file. A piece of MM2 history.

Vehicles - Théière (Teapot)

Théière (Teapot) screenshot

By: Manust
Download: mm2_theiere.zip (29.1 KiB)

The Utah Teapot for MM2. Sounds and tuning from Panoz Roadster, no damage. More tea, vicar?

Cities - Wild Town

Wild Town screenshot

By: Ilpo Kirvesmäki
Download: wildtown.zip (1.9 MiB)

Pathset city based on a stretched city.psdl. Custom sky dome textures, 2 circuit and 1 blitz race.

Tools - Zentra GPS Mapper Beta

Zentra GPS Mapper screenshot

By: Zentra
Download: setupGPS2MM.exe (703.1 KiB)

Generate MM2 cities with PSDL, props and AI paths from GPS data. First program able to make BAI files.